L’Avant Comptoir

October 23rd, 2009 § 5 comments

On the zinc bar, there were artichokes, bread, and an overfilled crock of Bordier butter. In our glasses, a juicy Morgon from Lapierre. In our mouths, piping hot, creamy ham croquettes. In the corner was a candy apple red, hand-cranked slicer, and above that, all manner of cured pork waiting for a turn on that shiny machine. From a stranger, a ruffle of ham. Along the wall, a list of names, a Pantheon of food artisans.

Coming and going was chef and owner Yves Camdeborde. Next door, an eternally elusive dinner reservation at his restaurant. Where we stood, more than ample consolation.

L’Avant Comptoir, 9 Carrefour de l’Odeon, 75006 Paris, +33 (0)8 26 10 10 87

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§ 5 Responses to L’Avant Comptoir"

  • dorie says:

    Just came back from Avant Comptoir — your description is both accurate and lyrically evocative. Oh those croquettes …

  • Shelli says:

    Had a delicious crepe there, from the window, after a movie last week. Next time, croquettes! And that Morgon sounds great too.

    But we often have dinner next door on Saturday or Sunday night, when the menu is identical to that served at lunch during the week and if you arrive at a slightly off hour the wait is not long. Friends who have managed to snare that elusive mid-week dinner reservation have told me they prefer the regular menu.


  • Barbra says:

    Dorie: Thanks so much for your comment! I was there again last night for an apero. And, of course, the croquettes.

    Shelli: Between the delicious lunches and now l’Avant next door, I really don’t feel so bad about never having had dinner there.

  • the vlm says:

    Well, had lunch at Le Comptoir and it sort of served as dinner as well.

    Picked up sandwiches to go from L’Avant which were fantastic. Marvelous ham.

    It was nice meeting you and discussing H1N1 and vaccines.

  • Barbra says:

    VLM: Nice meeting you too. Nothing like a little light conversation over a glass or bottle or five.

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