Clafouti aux Cerises – Cherry Clafouti

June 24th, 2009 § 9 comments § permalink

Clafouti is clafouti. It’s not a cake, though it’s made from a batter. It’s not a custard, though it’s a bit creamy. It’s not a soufflĂ©, though it puffs up during baking. It is what it is. And when it’s good it’s delicious.

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Black Raspberry Granita with Lemon Cream

July 31st, 2008 § 2 comments § permalink

Granita, like sorbet, appeals to dessert eaters who want to have their cake and eat it too. Made from nothing but fruit and sugar, they are naturally low-calorie sweets. But you know what tastes really good with many granitas? A big dollop of whipped cream.

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